THE STORY / English Speaking Theatre in Prague

Through our nonprofit, we promote the Prague alternative theater scene

Through our nonprofit Theatre Club and Café Bar, we promote the Prague alternative theater scene. Our club is mixed sort of place. Here, we run an alternative theatre company where we present plays that might be funny, charming, or sad and cruel. But never boring. We have a theater stage that is probably the smallest and most intimate in Prague. No barrier separates the audience from the performers. We offer our programs in either English, Czech, or Slovak language. Our theatre seeks to broaden the space for unheard voices and suppressed stories, to bring those topics into the theater that are often left out, and to use the theater’s much-needed heart-opening catalysts.  In short,  we serve as the fusion’s focal point for theater, hell on earth, heaven on earth, back again, into, under, far in between, through it, in it, and above. We believe what happens after the play is over, is in the hands of the people. Here, we carry out a creative studio and lab as well as high-frequency workshops. For people who desire to heal their minds, body, and soul naturally through theatrical work, we also offer drama therapy. Our space is all about interaction, inspiration, and story-sharing. We have a legendary café bar called The Story open from noon until midnight. To talk with, there are a wide variety of guests from all around the world. Sinners and saints. Millionaires and the poor. No matter your age or how old you feel, whether you’re a local, an ex-pat, a tourist, gay or straight, a social outcast, or a paranoid patriot, you’re welcome here. Please get rid of the label nonsense, take a deep breath, surrender, and let go.  Our quirky place will permanently destroy your age barriers and your social, cultural, and political illusions. It’s more a question of coexistence without judgment. Please come with your open wallet,  mind, and heart, and have a joyful day or night here. The Story Theatre Club leaves a lasting tattoo on you and permanently inks the experience in your emotional DNA, because somehow the setting alone radiates unique alchemy that is unmatched elsewhere since, as they say, “home is where the heart is.” Simply put,  we are an open house with an open heart for anyone who doesn’t suck. If you are looking for The Ritz or the National Theater, please keep walking on.  Otherwise, welcome home, you belong here.