We feel We share. We reconnect.


Would you like to try stand-up, present your yoga course, or workshop to your friends, acquaintances, or a wider audience? Almost anyone may rent the Creative Laboratory for up to three hours for only 1000 Kč. If you need our space for longer, please let us know. Maximum capacity is 40 seats. You can book the creative lab at any time between 10 am and 10 pm. If you and those in attendance need something to eat or drink, we serve excellent coffee, homemade coffee cakes, organic lemonades, freshly made sandwiches, and a variety of toasts. You can view our menu with friendly prices here. We reserve the right to choose which of your projects will be performed in our venue. We do not support projects related to business schemes, corporations, political parties, or religious groups.


Please send us an email at AHOJ@THEATRECLUB.CZ with some information about the project you would like to carry out here. If you have any websites, YouTube videos, or other materials you believe we might need, please include them. We always prefer to meet you in person before we say yes to the final reservation. Just drop by, order a coffee or drink, ask for Martin or Marian, and “pitch” your project to us in person. That’s the fastest way to rent our space.


The Creative Laboratory is home to immersive theatre, alternative arts, and high-frequency workshops. The Creative Laboratory is a place of self-reconnection. We feel. We share. We reconnect. In our emotional DNA, we are wired to tell, listen and share stories. The story of an abused woman. The story of a transgender. The story of a drug addict. We encourage authenticity and the beauty of imperfection.  Being simply heard, validated, and loved for who we are. To listen to the heartbeat of the storyteller is a beautiful thing. We have no desire to alter, shake or wake up the social rotten structures. Bees don’t waste their time explaining to flies that honey is better than shit. In our Creative Laboratory, we choose to concentrate on the needs of the individual over those of society or the community. The most common cause of our dysfunction is the disconnection from our authentic selves in society which kills the authenticity. THE REAL ME.  It is the separation between us and the language of our hearts. The main theme of Creative Laboratory is to restore our authentic energy flow systems and bring the blocked channels back to natural function through curiosity, playfulness, and creativity. Our work is to collaborate and embrace ordinary people from all walks of life to come together and maybe inspire others.  Love, freedom, passion, authenticity, art, theatre, music, poetry, dreams, failure, regrets, justice, history, food, travel, humanity, animals, nature, hobbies, emigration, foreigners, sex, tantra, kinks and fetishes, Carl Jung, Leonard Cohen, Pablo Neruda, Ferlinghetti, Bukowski, addictions, meditations, yoga, personal growth, healing, evolution, peace, equality, coexistence – if this is your vibe, we’d love to hear from you! The full capacity of our creative laboratory is 40 human hearts.