THE OTHER STORY OF PRAGUE / Vršovice / THE STORY English Speaking Theatre in Prague

Less sparkling and more beaten, but undoubtedly genuine.

Our theatre club is situated near the city center in the friendly neighborhood of Vršovice, which is bordered by the upscale Vinohrady Prague 2 area. Vršovice may not be at the top of everyone’s list of things to do in Prague. And Vršovice doesn’t mind. The typical visitor attractions in Prague, such as Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, John Lennon Wall, and Castle, may be stunning but don’t reflect Prague’s real life. If you are strolling around the streets of Prague, you will come across stores selling Czech souvenirs Made in China, fake cannabis, and colored vodka-based absinthe to lure naïve travelers into their shops. This might be entertaining if tourist traps are your thing. Nevertheless, Prague may still have the story you were looking for but couldn’t find in the center. We are the other story of Prague. Less sparkling and more beaten, but undoubtedly genuine. Spending time outside Prague’s touristy city center is crucial to experience native Czech life truly. Our spot might be the ideal fit if you’re looking for things that locals do rather than touristy things.


The Church of Saint Wenceslas (built-in 1930)

TRAM 22 – Exit Station Čechovo Náměstí  

We are only 150 meters from the tram stop,  up the hill, next to St. Wenceslas Church in Vršovice.