The Story of The Story

Our story is simple. We began as a little music shop doing what we loved. Selling guitar strings, and vinyl records, and hosting living room concerts, stand-ups, and monodramas every Friday.  As our friends gathered to sit on the floor with a bottle of wine to listen to our tiny performances, strangers from the street began to arrive. For a couple of years, our neighbors in the area assumed we must be drug dealers. We never challenged the myth. We gradually became a tiny bar called The Bourgeois Pig and came up with our first signature creative drinks, such as the L’Opium or The Happy Ending. We were getting labels like the druggy, artsy, bohemian, gypsy, punk, hippie, hipstery, queer, gay, lesbian, kinky, eclectic bar, and much more. People seem to be overly fixated on labels.  In essence, we provided a home for ANYONE who doesn’t suck; heaven sometimes hears our prayers. There, we shared amazing stories and discovered that people are never nasty creatures when given a chance to love. Yes, we are all sexy souls on and off. After a few years of running our bar, the wealthy Russians who bought our building kicked us out.  СПАСИБО ТОВАРИЩИ. THANK YOU, COMRADES. Sometimes bad things happen for a good reason. Quickly we found a much larger location that was once a brothel. We instantly fell in love with that beaten-up place. After converting the space into a music and theatre venue for 200 guests, we stayed there for a while. Loving. Working. And having fun. Unfortunately, Covid bans forced us to close our doors in 2021, sending our finances into a spin. However, we believe that if you’re going through hell, keep going. And yes,  a laugh here and there always heals. So, once more, here we are. We are reopening and going back to the basics of what we always loved to do, almost two years after we closed. Building a theatre stage, sharing stories, and making creative drinks. The third time’s the charm.  The Pig became The Story. What is done in love is done well.