THE STORY THEATRE CLUB / English Speaking Theatre in Prague

Through play, we are not cultivating an audience; rather, we encourage catharsis.

We cherish personal and deep connections in a time when social meetings are reproduced virtually. We love simple things and going back to the basics, returning to the business of being human, without fear, shame, guilt, or emotional debt. No matter a person’s race, faith, orientation, or color, everyone can be embraced in their own skin in our theater. We create fresh art that is amusing, gloomy, mythic in extent, and very intimate in scale. Through play, we are not cultivating an audience but encouraging catharsis. Instead of giving answers, The Story Theatre will raise new questions. Since our big stage is now being renovated, we perform our plays in a much smaller space called Creative Laboratory, which can only accommodate 40 spectators and is frequently utilized for various daily workshops. Our Main Stage project with 80 seats is expected to be fully funded in 2024 thanks to numerous fundraising efforts.